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Stress Less

Start Off Your Day Right Stress Less

It’s the start of a new day! Does that mean new stress for you? You’ve had a regular routine for years and it has been something that you love doing. Maybe you just don’t recognize the stress. It has become a part of who you are and you just don’t know how to fix it. It’s time to stress less for your health and well being!

Recognize What The Cause Of Your Stress May Be

Things get stressful sometimes and many people don’t recognize the signs of stress. You may find that you are more tired and anxious. The things that should be simple suddenly seem to be exhausting.

This infographic explains how stress plays a major roll in your health and productivity. Headaches, anxiety, and trouble concentrating may be bringing you down. Help brighten your outlook by recognizing some common symptoms that can leave you feeling down.

Call my office today to discuss how acupuncture can help you relieve stress and get you back on the right track.


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Thanks to for this great infographic about being able to stress less!

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Debra Arko Novotny

CEO at Accent On Health Wellness Centers